Our Passion


THE JACE-KELLY is the result of combined passion of great veterans who bring in proven track records of successes in some of our own careers as well as renown reputations within the executive search industry in Greater China. We believe and we act (please refer to our Business Charter). And we are full of experiences and successes in recruiting the best leaders.


THE JACE-KELLY first defines the business model of Leadership Acquisitions for China. We observe and understand how some of our competitors keep on failing in China. We are frustrated by the fact that only a few MNCs successfully acquire good leadership. And we are confident to help bridging this important gap.


We take corporate social responsibility seriously. No matter how busy we are, it's always our passion to allocate 25% of our time for public/volunteer works. Together with some global leading business schools, we recommend post-MBA career strategies for students for China. Even at some critical moments, we comfort the public by giving a factual update on the current market situation despite financial crisis. Our consultants often give lectures/speeches at universities or public.


Allow THE JACE-KELLY to work with you - to build and sustain your success.


The idea of using a few kilos to move a thousand tons.

For thousands of years strategists have debated which forms of troops and organizations (hierarchical, horizontal, matrix) are more competitive. Humans don't have the answer yet.

However, history has demonstrated the importance of recruitment for key executives. Sometimes, a small firm with a few good key executives can level well with a huge global MNC. It seems today's business world has yet to benefit fully from the advantage of leadership acquisitions.


Just before the global financial crisis 2008-2009, an American CPA, MNC regional CFO, nominee to be next global level key executive and overseas PhD returnee Jace teamed up with Fudan lawyer and one of China's best and most prestigious headhunters Kelly to launch a unique business model of leadership acquisitions - THE JACE-KELLY.


The consulting firm was meant as a strategic application and successful combination of crtical success factors like quality, SOX controls, CPA due diligence, comfort, China insights, speed drive of solutions and maximation of ROI - setting a next level standard for the industry.


The business design was a one-stop consulting continuum starting from management team analysis, package strategies, executive search to organisation integration, leadership retention and defence strategies against hostile head-hunting.


During the crisis, 99% of our competitors either shut down or downsized, the order pipeline for THE JACE-KELLY was tripled during the same period.


Emphasizing on quality, controls and result, THE JACE-KELLY continues to grow steadily since then. The business model has earned its respect and high popularity, in particular among private equity firms and MNCs.