There are three classes of warriors, according to Sun Tzu, author of the Art of War.

Warriors that always fight but always lose are considered the worst. But the warriors who always fight and always win are not considered the best. This class is considered the medium only.

The best title goes to those who don't always fight but always win - with surprises and tactics that outsmart the martial forces of the enemies. Julius Caesar was equipped with these great warriors to achieve his VVV. Shouldn't you?

THE JACE-KELLY knows where and how to acquire the extraordinary leaders for your company's success.


We are so good at dealing with sophisticated charming people.

Our Vision: We want to be a major contributor and partner with the success of Greater China that will be the only regime that can economically make best use of the combination of invisible and visible hands (ie free markets plus succinct government influences), and that will soon become the world's most influential economy, where capital and opportunities are abound, but competent business leaders lack. Global and Asia Pacific headquarters will move into Shanghai at a much quicker pace than ever. We believe our competition will still be far behind THE JACE-KELLY in competently partnering with companies that are determined to win.

Our Art: According to an ancient article of Master Bao's Tao of Calving Up Oxes, Master Bao's tiny blade was never sharpened in the past 19 years which was used to calve up thousands of oxes. And everytime a big ox was magically cracked down instead of butchered up, as a result of Master Bao's special knowledge of putting his blade just in between all the joints and applying minimal forces and rhythmic clicks. The description sounds magical today. Whilst others may not even understand the Master Bao's way, we try our best practising this art in our usual business.

Our Tao: Quite often we behave what others can only observe and respect. We can deliver what we cannot explain much because it is simply in our blood and bones - our instincts.

Dealing with people is never a rocket science. It is sometimes difficult to share this Tao despite it is our earnest wish to tell you more. One thing for sure is we have been practising this Tao for leadership acquisitions and gaining its popularity.

In practical terms, these are the qualities that combine to distinguish us from others:

  • Unmatched quality, controls and comfort
  • China roots and insights
  • International DNA
  • Lightning speed
  • Niche of leaders
  • Competency of handling sophistication