Successful Tracks

We are thrilled by how much we have helped out and achieved since we started this revolutionary business concept not long ago. Our global financial crisis experience was even a miracle - we were tripling our revenue despite the sharp market downtrend. To give you an idea the kind of tracks we have walked through, kindly check out (just click to open) the cases and news articles we joyfully participated.


Priceless Connections

We have privi connections with leaders in commercial, government and social organizations. Apart from our core business of leadership acquisitions, our network of distinguished individuals and solutions can ready your ambitions to win.

Our Mutual Success

We know some top headhunters who earn eight digits a year but find it extremely frustrating dealing with Chinese matters. We don't because we are part of and understand the ins and outs of China. Yet we are international enough to secure your interest and understanding.


Remarkable Client Relationships

THE JACE-KELLY team maintains extensive connections and unparalleled reputations with some of the most successful companies. Our clientele (click to open) ranges from the most dynamic investment houses to the most famous cola company to the most passionate entertainment company.

Examples of other important clients who regard THE JACE-KELLY highly:

Private equity and commercial banking

Friendship for decades with many Wall Street financiers, Swiss private bankers and commercial branch managers.

Show biz

Our consultants successfully placed dozens of leaders who are now with many entertainment and media giants.

Lifestyle & Luxuries

We serve some of the world's top luxury/fashion companies and upscale hotels.