We are very selective on who we are working with. We don't deal with everyone. In fact, we want to spend our time on matters that are important to both of us. We only work with those who care about maximising values.

Company Clients


Initially we start our co-operation on a case by case basis. Once you get to know us and our unique competencies, you might want to consider forming a strategic alliance with us which will allow us to support you win better. But please act quickly before your competitors initiate an earlier move.

We cannot guarantee quoting you the cheapest price, but we commit to giving you the most competitive proposal in terms of maximising your value for money. We are so confident of ourbidding any other proposals.

Share your business needs with us.


Extraordinary Executives

laddersYou must be very good. But we will definitely make you better. Some of our Partners were top executives at the AP and global levels. We have extensive expertise to help you advance your careers better with a higher long term NPV.

There is nothing wrong with staying tuned with the latest job market trends or learning of interesting career opportunities. Please always stay informed about your future.

Send your resume with confidence to us.



Developing the Top Recruiters

Perhaps we have the best training environment for developing some of the best recruiters. We'd like to see great potentials in you first (kindly check out our values and principles). As a minimum, we will help you live you life much much better.

The current team is international, insightful, connected, dynamic and visionary. We seek distinguished individuals who can work together with sophisticated charming people, and constantly shape many important decisions in the corporate world. In our relentless pursuit we are always on the lookout for motivated, talented additions to our expanding roster. Working with talent at every level, you will come to appreciate that THE JACE-KELLY is the place to build a career where your stats will be measured and your results highly rewarded.

If you share our values, we are happy to learn more about you no matter how inexperienced or experienced you are. We will have a full spectrum of entry possibilities for you. Please check out our latest inhouse openinggs (pdf version or jpg version) and pay close attention to application instructions therein.


Perhaps the best Internship Program around

We take corporate social responsibility and the duty to nurture our younger generation very seriously. Therefore, we have created probably the most comprehensive and professional internship orientation program available in the marketplace. You'll have a rare opportunity to try out and experience most aspects of leadership acquisitions before one day (can be years afterwards) you make up your mind joining our business as a permanent staff member and becoming a master. Since our internship program is very demanding, we don't typically accept interns who commit less than six months with us. The minimum duration requirement is for your own good. Learning our business is like watching a good comedy movie - ie knowing 95% doesn't give you clarity of the whole picture. We look for sincerity and commitment to walk through the entire program.

Once you report to duty, your next 900 working hours are already detailed and well planned ahead.Please check out our latest inhouse openinggs (pdf version or jpg version) and pay close attention to application instructions therein.