Where all the actions are . . .

THE JACE-KELLY is strategically based in Shanghai - the business capital of the world with probably the best combination of foods, convenience and infrastructure. We'd like to invite you to extend your global reach to great success in China. Combining with our extensive local expertise and successes in markets like Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Dalian, Yunnan and Wulumuqi, our strategic location has put us in clear advantage in fulfilling our unique business model. This Shanghai City alone houses an important source that represents over 60% key executives for China. Our participation often make feasible an important project in a remote town (for cost down and permanent competitiveness) - by helping out the implementation of a phase by phase management team strategy.

Should you pass by Shanghai, please let us invite you for a coffee or tea. We'd love to show you what possibilities THE JACE-KELLY can offer to contribute your success in the AP region.


We have just moved to a new much bigger office which is at the truest heart of Shanghai - the People's Square. Just opposite a nearby subway station (exit no. 1 of Xinzha Road station). Next to the convenient North-South Highway (entry/exit Xinzha Road) which takes you 5 min to Pudong financial district or 25 min to Hongqiao International Airport and Superfast Railway Hub (will take you 5 hours to reach most major cities in China by rail).

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